Al Jazeera Net has commenced itself as a Cyber Cafe here in the State of Qatar. We  introduce our cafe as one of the most modern, big and advance cyber cafe among all other  cafe's, having more than 60 workstations and an ADSL connection of over 4mbps, Al Jazeera  Net is indeed a premiere cyber cafe here in Qatar. We are also located far from the city  which  makes us a conducive place to our valued customers. Al Jazeera Net Cyber Cafe is definitely  the place for your computing needs as technology continue to rise and as innovations  deliberately enhance in the Gulf Region.


   Al Jazeera Net extends itself from as a Network Solutions  Enterprise.  As years pass, organizations and companies here in Doha are inevitably  growing. Al Jazeera Net wishes to introduce itself as your one stop Network Solution place.  From Physical Networking to Virtual Tunneling, depending on your network  structure needs, we provide the latest technology with Network Platforms, from Windows  Server, Novell Netware, even the latest in Cisco Environment, Al Jazeera Net is the right  choice for your corporate ventures.


   Al Jazeera Net  has business in PC Repair. Desktops, Laptops and other devices are in good hands  with our excellent repair technicians. We also guarantee the safety and protection as our  technicians check up and troubleshoot your devices. Also, we provide the latest and top of the  line replacement parts for your gadgets and computers, moreover, we provide first class  services to our valued customers. Al Jazeera Net is guarantees customer satisfaction as it  builds trust and quality assurance.


   Al Jazeera Net is also into the business of Computer Sales. From Brand New PC's and  Laptops  to Second Hand, Good Condition Devices, Al Jazeera Net has the ample resource  of  your choice. Al Jazeera Net provides dealership and promotion of various PC brands.  From Dell, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, etc, to individual peripherals such as  computer monitors, cpu's and workstations, name it, Al Jazeera Net has got it for you. Al  Jazeera Net also is also into sales of internal computer parts. From HDD's, Cards and  RAM's, Al Jazeera Net is indeed the one stop place for you.